Our Approach

HCI Marketing and Communications Inc. helps grow client businesses by (com)passionately and powerfully connecting our clients with influencers and buyers.

Our Approach

HCI Marketing and Communications Inc. helps grow client businesses by (com)passionately and powerfully connecting our clients with influencers and buyers.

“Reaching buyers drives every priority in a marketing program. Our clients are often surprised at the results of our buyer persona research program. They discover deep insight and set aside past intuition about their buyers in favor of generating great results. When you understand what motivates your buyers and adjust your marketing program to meet their needs, buyers start paying attention.”

Our commitment to our clients

Collaboration and Compassion Icon

Collaboration and (com)passion

We grow your business by (com)passionately and powerfully connecting you with influencers and buyers to deliver results.

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Focus on your goals

What result do you need to see? We analyze what will work best to drive that result, and then we make it happen.

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Audiences matter

No audience has the same needs. We roll up our sleeves to understand your markets and identify how to connect in powerful and engaging ways.

Your business is unique Icon

Your business is unique

We start with insights and strategies and build from there. We customize a marketing program to reach your buyers and influencers effectively and efficiently.

Messages that resonate Icon

Messages that resonate

We craft messages and stories that resonate with your buyers and other audiences.

Integrated Marketing Programs that Deliver Results Icon

Integrated marketing programs that deliver results

We integrate the audience connection into many forms of communication to drive awareness, understanding, trial, adoption, and loyalty. HCI’s strategic planning and repurposing of your content across multiple channels maximizes your ROI.

Our holistic approach delivers powerful results

Your product or service is elegant in its design, targeted in its focus, and unlike anything else in the market. But distilling your complex story into meaningful messages is a big challenge.

We’ll help you refine the messages that resonate with targeted audiences. Then we build the public awareness, in-depth content, and online presence to engage your prospects and drive your business success.

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Why companies choose HCI

  • Decades of experience — Our people have decades of experience connecting clients to influencers and buyers in powerful and engaging ways. Our expertise achieves results for you and connecting powerfully is our passion (and our skill).
  • Robotics, automation, and embedded electronics technologies are our strength — We put our tech focus to work for you. Our understanding of your technology drives powerful connections that trigger key audiences to engage with your products and services.
  • We build our business from referrals — Our (com)passion for clients and the business results we deliver for our clients drive referrals back to us.
  • Our knowledgeable team maximizes efficiency and effectiveness — We think strategically to ensure time is focused on what drives your business forward most effectively (and we follow through with tactics at a speed that is unmatched). We propel your business objectives within your budget.

“Working in collaborative partnership with us, HCI assessed our strengths and weaknesses, analyzed competitors and market situation, and provided valuable strategic guidance that drove our website, trade shows, PR, and content development to the next level. HCI delivered strong new direction for us through buyer-focused messaging—a feat only possible thanks to their ability to work effectively with highly technical company leaders and customers, who came to trust and respect HCI’s insight and excellence.”